September 24, 2021

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I received a request from a customer and set up a visit for several days later. I showed the couple Home Certain with monthly premium of $95 per month. No matter how much I tried, I could not get the first month's premium from them to bind the coverage. The couple asked that I call them back on Monday. On Saturday, the husband was killed in a traffic accident. The wife has a $933 per month mortgage payment along with other expenses on a $20,000 income. The wife is depressed, and is probably going to lose the house. All this for not writing a check.

Ray Strohl - Mortgage Protection Agent - Plains, PA

Why Mortgage Protection

It's an uncertain world. It's becoming more uncertain every day. Who knows with any degree of certainty that they'll be able to meet their obligations from day to day? All most of us can do is try to be in a position to see to it that those we love - those who count on us to provide for them - are left with some degree of security should tragedy strike.

More often than not, tragedy means that someone has died. This happens all too often. But there are different forms of tragedy that also conspire to make life unbearable for the living. People get hurt in traffic accidents, people lose their jobs, people lose the protections they've put in place because they can't pay their bills - all of these are all too common occurrences. Generally, these situations result in drastic action by those affected. Folks deplete their savings or sell assets to keep their cash flowing. If you're fortunate enough to overcome whatever adversity you face, you're generally left broke and tired. It doesn't have to be that way.

Mortgage Protection insurance is more than just a policy to pay off the balance of your mortgage if you or your spouse pass away. Mortgage Protection is a complete package of coverages designed to ensure that whatever happens to you, you'll be able to stay in your home and not end up broke. Of course, if you or your spouse dies, the policy pays you the money which you can use to pay off your mortgage. If you're hurt working around your house or you're in an automobile accident and can't work for awhile, your Mortgage Protection coverage can provide disability benefits (if you qualify) to provide you with cash while you can't work to ensure that your mortgage payments continue to be paid. You don't have to worry about losing your house while you're recuperating. Further, it is possible to have unemployment coverage as well (if available in your state), so that if you lose your job, your premiums will be paid for up to 6 months. And that money will come in to you, not your mortgage company, so you have control over your money. Remember, these Mortgage Protection policies are designed to help you, not some huge, bureaucratic loan company. That's a good thing!

If the protections already described were all there is to Mortgage Protection, it would obviously be better for you than just a simple term life policy, but there's even more available to you. There's something called "Waiver of Premium" which allows you to skip paying your insurance premiums for a while as you deal with whatever caused your disability claim. So not only can you receive money, you'll be able to save money too! But probably the most remarkable feature available on our Mortgage Protection is the Return of Premium provision (if available in your state). If you'd like, you can arrange to have most if not all of the money you've paid over the years returned to you at the end of your policy term in one wonderful, tax-free lump sum! That's money you can put straight into a retirement plan or just spend on yourself because you deserve it!

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Mortgage Life Protection

The cornerstone of any mortgage protection plan is, of course, the Mortgage Life component. Your policy will provide survivors with a tax-free benefit to pay off your mortgage and possibly cover some final expenses. This coverage is available for all members of your family, including children - even if their names aren't on the mortgage. It's also possible to cover yourselves for Critical Illness protection to provide immediate funds to you should you suffer a covered critical illness. A particularly compassionate coverage available to you is the Terminal Illness Plan. Should you become terminally ill, you can access up to 50% of your policy's value to meet expenses while you're still alive!

Another unique feature is our extended premium guarantee that will absolutely guarantee that the rate you lock in today will be the same (stated in the policy contract) rate you pay through the life of the term, if you qualify.

The application process is quick and simple. No medical exam is required! You should have an answer in just a few days. It's that simple to start a plan that will protect you and your family for years to come.

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Disability Protection

In addition to the peace of mind you receive knowing that your family is provided for if the worst happens, you'll also rest a little easier knowing that you're covered for up to two years in the case of disability. If you or any covered member of your family is disabled in a covered accident the disability coverage will provide cash payments to you to pay your mortgage. These payments will be made in addition to any other disability or critical illness payments you may be receiving.

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Unemployment Protection

We've seen that our Mortgage Protection plans can provide for you and your family if you pass on or if you become disabled. Now certainly that's comforting, but it doesn't account for what's probably the most likely malady to befall you - unemployment. You can easily cover yourself with a benefit that will pay your policy premiums up to six months and keep all your coverages in force while you look for new employment. The alternative is to use up your savings leaving you poorer than you have to be. That doesn't need to happen!

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Return of Premium

One of the most unique features of our policies is the return of premium rider that refunds every penny of premium when you live to the end of the policy term - just like getting your policy for free if you never needed it! This money comes directly back to you tax-free. Though many folks roll their distribution into some kind of retirement vehicle, it's also nice to use the money to pay off your mortgage or give your family a nice vacation together.

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Annuities and Retirement

Why leave all your retirement planning with your employer? The news is filled with announcements of company mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies. Each of these situations can change the rules governing your retirement, and can even eliminate some or all of it. We have helped numerous clients set up their own private retirement plan that is safe, pays a very competitive rate of return, grows your money tax-deferred and provides a retirement income which you cannot outlive. How much safer can you get while growing your money tax-deferred? What other kind of vehicle will pay an instant return upon your death, even if you haven't had enough time for your money to accumulate?

We offer some of the most unique annuity products in the industry, whether you want an equity indexed annuity based on the growth of the S&P 500 index (without the risk of loss), you can be sure there is an annuity product that will match your tolerance for risk. So if you have a CD at some bank earning only a minimal interest, or have a 401K that needs to be rolled over into a safe vehicle that will continue to grow with no risk of loss, talk to one of our financial services professionals to examine your options. Find out about this fantastic program that thousands of folks are taking advantage of!

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Life Insurance

Though our specialty is Mortgage Protection insurance, we can also provide just plain old life insurance for those short term non-mortgage related life insurance needs. We also have Universal Life policies for your longer term insurance AND savings needs. UL is great for saving for retirement or college expenses while protecting your life until you need the savings. Also, be sure to ask your representative about the tax advantages of Universal Life coverage. You'll be amazed ...

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